In 2002, I created By Conn (By Connection) in order to connect excellencies! I was sure that I would meet many people who believed in my dream, who knew they were special in what they did and who would have great difficulty in succeeding on their own.

I tried many connections and found more competition than collaboration. I heard that it comes from the essence of man. They tried to convince me that nature is like this. Something transcendental! Immutable!

Romantically, I continue to believe that the economic, social, and environmental salvation of our world will only be possible through collaboration. And we need to reverse that order, because the planet will survive without people and people have already survived without the economy.

Today I renew my dream: connect excellences. Yes, because we are all excellent at least in one thing. By the way, in a lot more, I’m sure! And I discovered a world, not so mediatic, that multiplies progressively, based on collaborative networks. And it grows a lot, achieving marvelously innovative results in the environmental, social and, amazingly, economic fields.

So, how about collaborating? It’s very easy, I’ll share what I’ve learned:

1. Find someone (self-employed, small or large company) who has the same will. That’s the hard part. But after a while practicing this practice, you will easily recognize a potential contributor. And you will find that there are many out there.
2. You will also feel disappointed. But the most important thing is: DO NOT GIVE UP!
3. Open your heart. Really! To talk and to listen!
4. Make a face-to-face meeting. Identify synergies. Most of the time, the collaboration brings many perspectives that were not glimpsed before it happened.
5. Offer what you have the best to give for free, in exchange or by payment. Sometimes a job of grace generates many others that will pay for it in the future.
6. Show what you need. Identify what you can get for free, in exchange or by payment.
7. Try to establish other connections that can strengthen the first connection, and so on.
8. Continue the process. Do not let him die. Make accompaniments.
9. Work the best you can, even if there is no payment involved. Remember that you are investing in a lasting relationship, so that everyone can evolve together.

And be very happy!

To inspire:

Author: Christina Barbosa, PhD, PMP